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Specialties Meet Modern


Some dishes are Reunion inspired, made with care & mad skills often in small batches. Robert can't cook like your favorite food Network Stars nor Mum. 10000 great recipes, many great replicas. Here at Reunion, we are special just the way we are, like our guests. Let's Makan & put all our worries behind, enjoy it! We are a small business, family owned & pretty much sums it all.


We heard you need that energy to strive through your day, therefore we got you covered.

  • Cheese Omelette with Beef Rendang

  • Scratch Eggs Cheese Omelette

  • Bacon Waffles

  • Kaya Butter Scratch Waffles

  • Merries Berries Waffles


Let us present you our finest Malaysian Dishes. 

  • Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah or Beef Rendang 
    pandanus coconut rice, Wilcox egg, toasted anchovies, peanuts, cratch sambal & greens

  • Nasi Lemak Special
    two legs quarters + beef rendang + all condiments

  • National Plate
    chicken + beef + roti paratha + coconut rice + all condiments

  • Roti Canai Beef Rendang Kampung
    USDA Ribeye + brisket stew with spices, sambal, prawn cracker & mixed Greens

  • House Smoked Pork Belly Fried Rice
    quinoa brown rice, scrambled eggs, kale & spinach


feeling a little adventurous today? Let us spice things up a little

  • Homestyle Pulled Pork Udon
    ginger soy, spinach & sprouts 

  • Laksa Special
    house-smoked pork belly, seafood & spicy curry coconut broth

  • Nyonya Laksa Seafood
    spicy curry coconut broth, wc shrimp, clams, fish cakes, spinach, Wilcox egg, sprouts, rice vermicelli, noodles & sambal (Substitute Seafood for Smoked Brisket or Pork Belly) 

  • Borneo Laksa Seafood
    house recipes with over 18 secret ingredients & spices. Served with wild-caught Patagonian shrimp, clams, fish cakes, pulled chicken, Wilcox egg, seasonal vegetables, house noodles & sambal

Meat Lovers

Heard you can't live without some meat!

  • Half Ribs On The Run
    marinated & slow smoked house ribs, mixed greens, fragrant rice & crispy shallots sweet chili lime.

Starters & Desserts

Sweet tooth you say? Don't worry we got you!

  • Kaya Butter Brioche Toast

  • Belgian Waffles with Fancy Vanilla Ice Cream

  • Belgian Waffles with Housemade Durian Ice Cream

  • Handmade Artisan Crepe Cakes

Crepes Cake no p.jpg